A Bit of My Past – Proudest Equestrian Moment

Welcome to my page, I used to blog heavily when I was a horse owner training and showing my gelding Boston. My goal in life was to compete Boston in the USA on what was called the HITS Winter Circuit (now the Arizona Winter Circuit). I worked hard, and when I knew my life was heading down a different path (darn responsibilities) I pulled the trigger and set out on an epic adventure to Arizona for a few weeks. I had to leave my trainer at home, and did the circuit trusting in my experiences of showing in BC and Alberta; as well as the knowledge given to me by some amazing trainers.

We did incredible for a “small city” girl and her horse competing against $50,000 to $100,000 horses and holding our own. Yes, I kid you not, the horse in the aisle over from us was freshly imported from Europe and was almost $100K – the owner was not exactly thrilled with the horse – they nonchalantly said “well we will send him to the East coast and try another”….. There I am cleaning out my own stalls, doing my own feeds and tack cleaning, hand walking, and all the other chores (I actually love horse chores). I was a bit of an anomaly, most of the riders were with big barns that had their own grooms to do the grunt work.

We wound up getting multiple championships, and overall grand circuit champion in two divisions. This was the proudest moment in my riding career.

I later had a bad fall which injured my back, so I had to pull back from riding. My horse wasn’t getting the attention he deserved so he went down to Vancouver on a lease, and was eventually bought by a lovely girl at a big show barn. He has since found his way to California and is still setting down winning rounds at the big shows. He has also found his forever home, and they just adore him.

I now just ride casually when life gives me a chance, and my back still bothers me – but I wouldn’t permanently stop riding for the world. I just had my 2nd child a year ago, and feel ready to get back in the saddle.

With a new job (…well new 5 years ago), buying a house, and having a family, blogging became a thing of the past. I wasn’t going to add a blog page to my site, but I decided I missed writing little cliff notes of my life. 

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