We went to Jurassic Quest with my daughter this morning. Her little brother got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. We were keeners, and had bought tickets for the first day during the first time slot. I’m glad we did because it is going to be a busy busy place on the weekend. We were even so keen that we were number 5 in line waiting for it to open. Amelia was surprisingly good at waiting in line, and was quite game to wait her turn for exhibits, games and on the play ground. 

We walked through the gates, and were greeted by huge dinosaurs – that happened to roar right as Amelia walked by. She jumped and had to be convinced that they were friendly dinosaurs. As long as Dad was with her all was well. Eventually she got brave again and explored the exhibits up close on her own.

I was the obnoxious Mom with the camera getting a few photos of the event. Going early gave plenty of time and space to snap a few shots. To be fair, most parents had their camera phones out. 

While exploring the exhibits Amelia ate a huge amount of snacks, everyone is braver with a full tummy…..and the dinosaurs are much more friendly. However, no amount of snacks was going to get her to sit on a dino.

We waited in line for our turn, and she promptly decided that was not for her, and wanted to go down. “That’s ok” I told her. “You still got to pet it”. She also wanted to drive the little jeeps, but also decided that was not for her after I put her in one. I then suggested we go dig for dino bones and that was a big hit.

She followed up her dig with a visit to the dino playground. Now THAT was a great time. She ran, slid, and climbed in there for what seemed like ages. If I exercised like that I would be beyond fit. It makes me so happy to see her running around having fun. She was excellent at taking turns, but I did have to tell some older kids who were rough housing to let the littles take turns. It was supposed to be for 3 and under. I used to be a lifeguard… lifeguard tone might have come out….however they did listen and went and had fun in another area. 

Amelia was very tired after all the excitement. Due to covid she hasn’t had any big outings like this. She was so tired she didn’t even want to finish her McDonald’s that we got her as a treat. She was much more interested in having a long nap.

Cedric got dropped off after his nap, and proceed to happily eat the McDonald’s. He is over his bought of covid, and is back to being a little whirlwind. 

If you are wondering if you should go to Jurassic Quest or not (and you have children – it is geared towards children) I would highly suggest it. I even had a good time, and I could hear excited gasps coming from all the children. A pretty magical place for them. 

The swag bag she got what pretty neat too. A bath bomb thing with a dino inside, a geode to break up and find a dino, stickers, a mask, a poster, a dino skeleton toy, and a stuffed dinosaur toy!

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