It’s not if….but when

First things first – what a coincidence that this is my 4th blog post and it lands on “May the 4th be with you” day (Star Wars thing if you are very confused)

Well, it finally happened – our family got hit with Covid-19. To be more specific only the male folk of the family tested positive, my daughter and myself have been negative (and we have done multiple tests over the last few days because my husband cannot believe we were unaffected). I told him I have a mommy forcefield around myself – I don’t have time to get sick….

….She says after being stricken with the horrid Norovirus (not the flu, an extra special gastrointestinal illness) that went around two months ago haha.  That norovirus was not joke; I took my son to the hospital as he was getting dehydrated, and I wound up needing treatment as I got sicker and sicker waiting for the doctor (I went into the hospital 2 hrs previous feeling perfectly fine). That was unexpected, and the nurses were absolutely amazing when I burst into tears because I was getting so sick I couldn’t even hold my baby who was also sick. 

All these angels came out of the woodwork to hold my son, feed him Pedialyte, get me a sickness bag, bring me a phone charger so I could call my Dad for help, and get me some Gravol so I didn’t throw up everywhere. Ugh. 

Over the next two days the whole family wound up getting it. It ran rampant through my daughter’s daycare; they said they had rarely seen anything like it  – Daycare is a special place of constant germs that she brings home, non-parents have no idea *where are the cute emoji’s to insert here* 

I used to work with children, so I have a pretty good immune system in terms of colds. My husband gets steamrolled by most colds coming in. We are so incredibly lucky to have both sides of the family in town, so when illness hits we often have lots of back up (except this time, no grandparents are allowed to visit the covid house). I’m just glad that my son and husband are having a mild case of Covid. The little guy is too young for vaccines, and my husband is up-to-date on all the shots.

At least everyone will be past the self-isolation period before we go on our family trip to Vancouver Island late next week. My husband has already passed his quarantine period, just waiting on our son now. 

The trip will be our first trip as a family of 4, it will definitely be something to write about! I’m excited to go back, it has been years and I have family to catch up with. It is also important for me that my kids experience the magic of trips to the Island like we used to have.

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