Backyard Fun

This is the first summer in 5 or 6 years that we have not had major landscaping or construction around the house. This means that this is the first summer we can literally just sit and enjoy the backyard – phew! at last. There is the small project of putting the swimming pool up, but that is it.

Speaking of the pool, that poor thing saw so much abuse over the fall and winter since it was not able to be stored inside; therefore, all the construction material got piled on it. My mom helped me wash it out and scrub the dirt off so it looks respectable. Tomorrow we will see if it still holds water . . . in my scrubbing travels I did not see any obvious damage.

Since there is no pool to stay cool in yet we set up shop in the shade and I filled up the water table and opened the sandbox. I happened to have the wheelbarrow out, and Amelia thought it was pretty interesting. Once I told her that my sister and I used to push each other around my Grandparents’ farm she wanted a ride too. I must have pushed her for a solid 30 minutes, and everyone got to listen to the world’s squeakiest wheel. . . just don’t tell her that the wheelbarrow used to be my barn one and carried all sorts of unpleasant things haha. A little horse poop didn’t hurt anyone.

Cedric, being Cedric, got stuck in his little peddle car – rescuing him was interesting because he was determined to make it out the side window so struggled the whole time. Once he was freed he decided getting soaked and eating sand was more fun.

Tonight I am going to sit down and draft up a few cards to add to my site, I’ve just been enjoying the weather so much that I put it on the backburner. However, now the main floor is too hot to be comfortable, so I will go hide in the airconditioned bedroom. 

Side note: this is day 3 of using my thermacells from Canadian Tire and they are amazing. I was skeptical that they would work, but with proper placement and adjusting for a breeze they are worth it. If you despise mosquitos i recommend you take a chance on them (we have 2).

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