Fevers, Starbucks, Sunshine and Dresses

We have had a fairly quiet time since my Uncle left because Amelia spiked a fever on Friday after coming home from daycare – I kind of thought she looked a bit off in the morning, but checked and her temperature was fine and she insisted she “felt good”. When she got home she was particularly subdued just wanting to lie on her play couch staring off into space.

Her axillary temperature was 101.2 F and when I rechecked her oral temperature it was 102.4 F. Ugh! I changed her into cooler clothing, offered fluids and gave her some fever reducing medicine which took effect in about 45 minutes, so she was able to go to bed with only a mild fever. The fever lifted overnight, and she slept in until 8am (hour later than usual).

She woke up saying her head hurt; however she was fever free at the moment, though as the day progressed her temperature crept up until she had a fever at nap time; so I gave her some more medicine and she slept for 3 hours. In between her fevers she played so hard – try telling a toddler she should rest and not repeatably climb mount Everest and then jump into the cushions below. The same cushions Cedric was trying to use to read his books and play with the rainbow arches.

Sunday she woke up fever free! Unfortunately she guzzled 2 full water bottles on an empty stomach, and proceeded to spit up all over herself and her car seat while I was exiting the Starbucks drive through.

Thank goodness it happened as I was being handed my drink (I don’t think the poor barista knew why I was quietly emphatically swearing) – It would have been so much worse being stuck in the middle of the drive thru 0_o I tried to make a right hand turn out of the drive thru to park but my truck was too long, so I did a three point turn . . . but this time I was on loose gravel so spun my tires aggressively (I was flustered), and pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot taking up 3 parking stalls. The RCMP officers having coffee were watching and probably wondering what the crazy lady running around her truck was up to.

I had hopped out of my seat, ran to the rear passenger side to find it locked, ran back to my seat, unlocked it as the 2nd round of puking was happening, ran back, hauled her out of her car seat – literally dripping in water. She said “mommy, I feel good now, I’m happy”. I dried her off with my gym strip and put her back in her seat to go to the grandparents house.

Once we got to the grandparents house, I gave them the kids while I figured out how to take all the car seat fabric off (off was easy . . . getting it back on was not so simple) for washing, and I washed out the base. Why do gross things always find their way into the most difficult to reach places, why why why! I was able to find a chopstick to use with a cloth and that worked. 

Despite the 15 minutes of sickness the rest of the day was fever and sickness free. I really believe it was just water not sitting well on an empty stomach. We headed back home after breakfast at the grandparents, and they followed us back so we could all play in the backyard.

While Amelia went off to daycare Monday, I went shopping because I was talking to a lady who was wearing the cutest sundress. If you know me, I avoid conversations with strangers like the plague, but I really wanted to know where she got her outfit. She told me Old Navy had a huge selection of dresses in AND they were on sale. I haven’t bought new clothes in years, and the last dress I bought was for a wedding 3 years ago. I was so excited that every dress I tried on looked fabulous, but I settled for just taking home 3 of them. The picture doesn’t do the print justice.

While I had some free time I also set up Amelia’s reading/quiet area teepee in her bedroom (I also ordered a sheepskin rug to go in as padding). When Amelia saw it for the first time her eyes lit up, and she kept repeating “wow! oh wowww” then informed me that she would be sleeping on the floor in her tent. I agreed she could sleep in the tent with her piggy if she wanted, but just as I was leaving the room she decided that maybe her bed would be better. 

If you are wondering where I go the items just click the links below. Watch for sales like their 75% deals! There is no need to buy it full price if you keep your eyes peeled 🙂

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