Staycation – Woodhouse Cottages

The bubble consists of an air lock where you remove your shoes, this area preserves the pressure in the domes. When you enter you step into the transparent bedroom bubble which is linked to the transparent living area bubble (which has the nice touch of a custom sign welcoming you by name), and ends with a opaque change room bubble. It was so neat to be outside…..but not….perfect for stargazing.

We were lucky that the rain had let up minutes before we arrived, so we were able to have warm bubbles without the heaters on (until bed anyway). The lack of rain also allowed us to explore the property with the friendliest dog. She was very happy to accompany us on our wander to meet the horses and just stretch our legs. Both Neil and I had done legs at the gym just before going out, so I think the walk actually helped us feel less sore.

Side note: another special touch was that Maureen left us carrots in the fridge so we could feed the horses a treat. If you missed my very first blog entry you won’t know that I am a horse fan – horses are literally a defining feature of who I am. So I was very happy to entice the big Percherons over.

After our walk we decided to cook our dinner on the BBQ. The bubble house has a private deck that it sits on, and it includes a gorgeous fire table, patio furniture, BBQ and all the comforts of home in terms of utensils, plates, paper towels etc. We actually had way more food than we thought because we wanted convivence – we had purchased two packages of marinated steaks at Save on Foods thinking that each package had one steak. Nope the packages had two steaks each and there was no way we were going to be able to eat 4 steaks after the snacks we had. Lucky for us there was also a mini fridge to store them until the next day.

While Neil cooked up the steaks I staked out the hummingbird feeder to get some shots of the little sassy birds. There were two birds of two different species and they were putting on quite the show chasing each other away from the feeder (and dive bombing me and my super bright jacket). Did you know hummingbirds sound like deranged little clowns? I had no idea what their chirping sounded like until yesterday. I was able to actually get some photos of them, but I haven’t had time to edit them up yet.

After dinner it was just the right time to catch the NHL hockey game (Battle Alberta) but the wi-fi was too weak where we were. I suggested we go have a fire at the communal fire pit by the swimming area, and we wound up spending at least 3 hrs there. No other guests came by, so we had a little private hockey viewing by firelight (and adorable light up trees). I was super happy that “my team” won – I put my team in quotation marks because I only watch hockey during the Stanley Cup playoffs, and then only if there is a Canadian team playing. I actually know diddlysquat about hockey.

At this point it was getting very chilly so we went into the bubble, turned on our heaters and fell soundly asleep on a very comfortable bed with the right number of layers to keep one comfortable.

We woke up to a down pour in the morning, but it was relaxing to listen to the rain fall off the bubble while we slept in – slept in being 8am because we are parents and our children never sleep in – We are a 7am household regardless of our preference of a later morning haha. Neil cooked us up the other two steaks, and then we headed back home after dawdling until 10am (check out is 11am). 

I really enjoyed my time out there, and would recommend them to everyone. I feel rejuvenated after such a relaxing time! I look forward to going back sometime, but next year we have the Barkerville Cottages booked (for the whole family), and we will also be booking some cabins out near McBride just for Neil and myself. While we have small children we are taking the opportunity to explore close to home, and our little family is very fortunate to have extended family to watch the kids while we take off for a night or two for quality partner time.

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