Gardens, Peg People and Birthdays

Other than birthdays we have busy the last few days making the most of the time I have left before my maternity leave ends at the start of August. Almost every morning my sister and I take her boy and Cedric on a big walk on the University trails, then I’ve been toting Cedric around on various outings (Amelia is at daycare). One fun trip was visiting my parents’ plot at the Community Garden, where Cedric found two zucchinis that he claimed as his own and proudly carried around. He also investigated the peas with great interest, especially since Grandpa was picking them. There was another lady at a different plot who thought Cedric was just the cutest and let us pick some of her strawberries for a treat.

Another little outing was brunch at D’Lano’s with my parents. We kept Amelia home from daycare that day so she could come too because “pancake day” is the highlight of her week when she goes. She actually eats French toast and says no to pancakes, but to her it is pancake day.

Neil and I hung out in the pool the other night for almost 2 hours which is rare because the weather is usually only nice when he is at work, and promptly turns too windy or rainy on his days off. The kids are going swimming this afternoon after naps and daycare, Amelia has been looking forward to it for a few days, but I had to hold off going in because I got the last piece of my tattoo sleeve done last week so needed to stay out of the water. 

I feel like we have done so much more, but I can’t think of anything more to add. Cedric is up from his nap – off to swim now!

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