Back to Work

Happy Thursday! (photo above is a composite I made the other day, there is also a blog entry below this one I forgot to send a notification out on)

Today was my second day back to work since my maternity leave ended, and it has been going tickity-boo. I was worried I was going to be incredibly rusty, but everything came back instantly, and it is as if I never left. Funny how that works. One thing that made coming back to work less stressful was the phone call from the YMCA saying Cedric finally had a spot starting in September!

What a huge immense relief. Childcare for under 3 years old is so limited that daycare spots are as rare as unicorns. Cedric was put on the YMCA list as soon as I knew we were expecting (therefore was on the list for over 2 years). The same thing was true for Amelia – she was on the list as soon as we got the positive test. My advice to anyone thinking about having children – do NOT hesitate to go on available waitlists, it is not too early to apply. Amelia moves up to the big kid side in September which will be an adventure for her. Happily, two of her little friends are moving up as well.

In other news – I was able to snag one of the coveted swimming lessons spots for October. If you aren’t a local to Prince George you may not realize the demand there is for pre-school aged swimming lessons. In fact, they usually fill up in a matter of a few short hours. Phew! Thank goodness for other moms on Facebook alerting people registration had opened. I had my alarm set for the right day, but put it as PM instead of AM :S

The littlest one has decided that sleeping past 6:15 am is for the weak and has been up annoyingly early the last few days. He has not realized (or doesn’t care) that regardless of what he wants, no one is coming to get him until 7am – hopefully daycare will tire Cedric out more and encourage him to sleep that extra 45 minutes. He has always been a morning lark, Amelia is much more keen to sleep in. 

I’m looking forward to the weekend – if the weather gets hot again I know Amelia would love to go swim in our pool. I had a bit of a hiccup with my chemistry and drained most of the water out. It is refilled and fixed now, but we need a few sunny days to warm the water back up

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