Stressy Stressy

Last week was stressful because Amelia has not been feeling 100% and has had some troubling symptoms. We did get in to see the doctor who sent us off to do some bloodwork and whatnot done. The good news is they didn’t call us immediately to come in *phew* so whatever is bothering her is not a medical emergency. We have an appointment to go over the results in a few days. 

She was an absolute trooper at the lab, didn’t put up any fuss and stoically sat while they drew their samples. I was envisioning a meltdown, but I had pre-warned her it might pinch and whatever little pain she felt would go away quickly. Neil said the nurses were super – three of them work together to distract, hold and poke.

With that stress on my mind, I wasn’t inspired to finish my latest image. I do have it open right now, and feel I can dedicate my time to it again. For fun I played with some AI, a completely new-to-me platform to spark some new creativity. It is controversial as the computer does the work on entered parameters – in this case a representation of my little ones enjoying each others company, mother and child, and a random bird below. I will not offer any AI work for purchase, just a fun thing for me to tinker with.

Other than being stressy stressy I took the little ones to my parents’ garden and Amelia helped Grandpa pick potatoes. He would dig the hole and she would pick up any potatoes that rolled out. Cedric was befriended by the sweetest little cat, but I would not allow him to pet it. He can be a bit (ok a lot) overenthusiastic when he pets small furry creatures, so I did not want to risk him getting a bite or scratch. He amused himself by running up and down the garden paths and looking at the array of cartoony windmills.

Tomorrow it is back to the grind, and Cedric will go to my parents place while Amelia heads off to daycare. T-minus three weeks until Cedric also joins the world of daycare! Exciting! Also upcoming is the Sunflower festival next weekend, I bet the kids will find that super fun.

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